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may | beautiful ugly

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The challenge this month with my Clickin Mom's group was Beautiful Ugly.  I love the concept of searching for the beautiful in the ugly.  To me that is how we should try to approach life--by searching for the good or beautiful in our lives, especially in the ugly or hard times.  It is also amazing to me the beauty that can be found with photography just by changing your lighting, perspective, and so on.  This is such a great exercise to stretch your creativity!

So the month of May brought a lot of creatures in to our lives!  My daughter is obsessed with animals right now and somehow this months challenge ended up revolving around my daughters little creature friends.   She and I would like to share with you Sparkles the millipede and company!

Now please click here and head on over and see what Katie has been photographing this past month!