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72 | 365 | independence

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

So there has been a lot of battles at our house these days . . . a battle of the wills.  The baby of the family does not want to be a baby anymore and she is quite vocal about what she wants and most of all that she wants to do it.  It is a juggling act of letting her have her freedom and independence and not giving into her all the time in fear of her tantrums.  Each day I am attempting to balance the opportunities I have to teach my children and the opportunities they have to learn from their own experiences.  Each day I am learning that parenthood is infinitely more complex than I anticipated!

One Response to “72 | 365 | independence”

  1. I can completely relate as we are in the same boat right now with our two year old. She's so much more "feisty" for lack of a better word than her brother was at this age. Keeps us on our toes for sure!