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365 | 3

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Oh, how I love each and every expression and interaction that my camera can capture.  It  has the amazing ability of being able to stop time.  It helps me see my life clearer and more fully some days.  I try to make sure I am a part of my life and not just a person behind a lens--but as I look back at pictures taken I feel like I can slow down and study my children in a way I often can't in the moment.  They just change too quickly and I can't keep up!  Today there were highs and lows . . . but today I will remember that they were pirates!

6 Responses to “365 | 3”

  1. love your words! and those are the most adorable pirates ever!

  2. Sweetest little pirates! Time does move too quickly, great captures!

  3. Arrrr, they are adorable pirates! Love the processing on these, the almost sepia tones.