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february | food photography

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

For the month of February my Clickin Mom's blog circle had the challenge to shoot food photography.  The month flew by and although I didn't necessarily take the types of photographs of food that I had initially imagined--flawless cookbook images--I am happy with the moments I was able to capture!  This is definitely an area of photography that I want to explore more of!

 Thanks for stopping by!  Now its time for you to head on over and see what Melissa Stanfield was up to in February!

4 Responses to “february | food photography”

  1. Mikisha! These photos warmed my heart. I love that you combined the challenge with lifestyle photography. This looks like a special memory that you've captured so beautifully.

  2. You have some very creative perspectives here. Great job capturing the experience!!

  3. Wonderful storytelling here! Your girls are so cute! I love the "floury" faces, and your daughters freckles are absolutely adorable!

  4. Yummy! What a fun time it looks like you had! Love baking with the littles:)